Updates Portal

WSO2 Update portal is also called 'WSO2 Updates Information Portal'. It is a UI presentation provisioned to all WSO2 users to visualize a cluster of information.
Accessing the Updates Portal is easy. It requires you to be a WSO2 user to access the portal .
Follow the below steps:
1. Sign in to the Updates Portal.
2. Enter your WSO2 user credentials and click on the 'Sign In' button.
3. The page will be directed to the 'WSO2 Updates Information Portal'.

Main benefits that users would receive by using the Updates Portal are described below:

  • You would receive a comprehensive set of details of the Updates available, updates already installed, and your last updated date.
  • Update Levels for a specific product can be easily searched, and the user is able to refer descriptions and instructions related to a specific update.
  • It is feasible to access update details in the form of a comprehensive report and subsequently print it for future reference. Or disseminate the information to other teams within the organization.This approach ensures the availability of a detailed record of the updates, facilitating convenient retrieval of information when necessary.

Learn how to recover reports by clicking the FAQ section.