What are WSO2 Updates?

WSO2 Updates include improvements that are released by WSO2, on top of a released WSO2 product version. With updates, you do not have to wait until the next product version release to get the product enhancements and security fixes.

WSO2 delivers improvements to customers in two ways.


An Update can be a collection of bug fixes, new features, security fixes, or improvements on an existing product. Updates are delivered through update levels. When an update is applied to a product, the product version goes up by one update level.


A Hotfix is delivered upon a customer reported bug. Hotfixes are an immediate fix for a customer reported incident and will always be applied on an update level. Hotfixes are in the form of a .zip file that needs to be applied on top of the product pack using the update client tool. Every fix sent as a hotfix will also be carried to other subscribed users through an update.

Why use WSO2 Updates?

Continuous maintenance of your software solution ensures system health and security throughout its lifetime. The WSO2 Update service delivers fixes to subscribers in an ease of use format throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Utilizing all available updates, eliminates the possibility of being stymied by a known issue during your evaluation or development.
  • A support request often results in an improvement, or a fix which is built,well-tested, and delivered to you as an update.
  • WSO2 Updates gives you immediate access to a surge of improvements, packaged for easy deployment into your production systems, making sure the deployment is solid and secure.
  • Update Channels deliver all updates including security updates to fit your project lifecycle.
  • Update Services are available for WSO2 releases for Ten years, thus you can exploit bug and security fixes while remaining free to manage your upgrade schedule.
  • We carefully monitor hundreds of open source projects, collect and assess security reports from users or academia, run code security reviews and automate code analysis to identify and address possible security weaknesses.

How to get WSO2 updates?

A subscription is mandatory to get WSO2 updates. A Subscription can be obtained by following manner:

  • Trial Subscription: Provides all the functionality of a subscription for 90 days.

  • Paid Subscription: After discussing your specific requirements with one of our WSO2 Accounts manager a paid subscription can be obtained. Through the aforementioned Subscription the subscriber will receive all updates including bug fixes, security fixes, and improvements and 24x7 expert incident support.

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If you have received updates before using WUM/Inplace tool refer Migrating to updates page to migrate to WSO2 updates 2.0 model.

When to use hotfixes?

When you are faced an issue in your deployment environment, you can raise a ticket at WSO2 Support. We will provide you a hotfix for critical issues, which have not been addressed before in any of the previous updates.


You cannot update a product pack that has hotfixes applied. In such cases, to update the pack hotfixes applied needs to be reverted first.

When to use Updates?

It is imperative to update your products frequently. It will ensure your environment has the latest improvements and the bug fixes. In case you are faced with an issue in your environment, but if this has been fixed in an update already,and if you have missed a recent update, it could be possible that this issues is already fixed in a most recent update.

Whenever WSO2 releases a security update, we inform our customers at our earliest. WSO2 always recommend to apply security updates sooner whenever we release a security update. This will ensure your production environment is secure.

How to update your WSO2 products?

Update Tool client delivers hotfixes and updates seamlessly on top of to the product pack. The Update Tool is available in each product release distribution and is located at <product-home>/bin directory.