Simple Setup

Receiving continuous updates to your environment can be done with ease using WSO2 recommended configuration management tools, which are Puppet and Ansible.
listed below are the steps:

  1. Go to the desired git repository location of the selected configuration management tool. [e.g., Let say we are using WSO2 APIM with ansible as the configuration management tool, thus the git repo to refer is ]
  2. Clone the correct git repo
  3. Check out the latest tag of the product version.
     git checkout <version of the latest tag>


The above command will be like git checkout v2.6.0.7 for the latest WSO2 APIM 2.6.0 version

4.Move to the scripts directory and run the in the main node.

     cd scripts

5.After the product is updated, propagate the updated product pack to the relevant environments. (i.e. Development, Staging and Production)

Refer the following diagram for a better understanding on continuous updates:

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