Finding the update tool

How can I identify the update model I am currently using to update product packs

  1. If you remember the tool you have used to update the product for the last time it is easy to identify which model you used.
    a. If you ran wum update <product-name-version>, or a variant of wum update command in your last update process, you have used WUM method to update your respective product pack.

    b. If you executed update_linux command to update, or a variant of update_linux, you had used the In-place update tool to update the product. The In-place update tool is also an update method categorized under WUM.

    c. If you ran wso2update_linux or a variant of wso2update_linux, then you have used the new Update 2.0 update mechanism.

  2. However, if you don’t recollect the exact tool your company used to update. Please refer to the following steps to determine the update tool utilized:
    a. Download the product pack from one of your deployments and assess the following:
    Please check <product-pack>/updates/ directory:

    • If you find config.json and check the “update-level” in that file.
      • If the value is -1, you have run the U2 tool with a simple command like “wso2update_linux version”, but you haven’t updated the product using the U2 tool.
      • If the value is greater than 0, you are already using the recommended U2 update tool.

    b. Please check <product-pack>/updates/ directory, if you find ‘config.yaml’ file you have used the In-place update tool. Which falls under WUM.

    c. If you are unable to find either config.json or config.yaml in updates/ directory, then you have used the WUM method to update your product pack.